Funding Experts

In addition to the above lists, this checklist is to be completed at least 3 full business days before closing.

Upload the below list into your loan portal:

  • VOID check
    • VOID check must match the business account (also needed for a personal account if the majority of the funds are in a personal account). In lieu of this item, you may provide a direct deposit letter from your bank.
  • Title Insurance
    • Simply provide us the title company name, and agent’s contact: full name, phone and email address and we will work on this item for the file.
  • Hazard Insurance Binder & Receipt for Closing****
    • Feel free email us your agent’s contact info or have us assist with a known agent. For loans with particular insurance requirements, we will typically copy you on an email requesting a quote per our requirements.
  • Vendor Reports and Appraisal Received

REPEAT BORROWERS – Within 12 months, we often require only the below-updated items:

  • loan request (link)
  • Disclosures & Information Authorization Release (link)
  • Contract / Settlement Statement
  • Updated Bank Statements
  • The scope of Work Spreadsheet
  • Hazard & Title Insurance Contact Information

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